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Home --
Seasonal -- Links to the seasonal items currently displayed on the homepage and other items of similar interest. Clicking the large image on the home page takes you here.

Medieval & Renaissance -- Pieces inspired by authentic period stained glass designs.

Suncatchers -- Small pieces for hanging in windows.

Hearts -- Several heart designs.

Larger Pieces -- Larger stained glass panels: 8 inches and up

Frames & Mirrors -- Picture frames and framed mirrors.

Celtic -- Celtic themes to put the wind at your back.

Shield Knots
Eternity Knots
Weave Knots

Screen Bugs -- Screenbugs will bring a sparkle to your screens while helping to keep people from walking through them!

Glass Coasters, Coaster Kits & Candle Holders -- Candle holders, glass coasters, glass coaster kits, angels and other stained glass items that don't fit into the categories above.

Custom Gallery -- Special pieces we've made for ourselves, our friends, our family as well as some of our commissioned pieces.

Jewelry, Boxes & Pocketbook Hangers -- Stained glass jewelry, jewelry boxes and pocketbook hangers.

Pocketbook Hangers: Previuosly sold hangers, color samples.

Gifts for Goths -- Links to special interest items:

Medieval & Renaissance
Dark Hearts
Special Effects Hair Dye

And more -- Links to our items other than stained glass:

Books, odds and ends.

About Us -- Background and contact information

FAQ -- Frequently asked questions:

How to place an order,
shipping charges,
payment methods,
gift wrap &
glossary of glass terms

Mailing Lists -- Website Update & Event Announcement Email Lists. They are opt-in lists, so you'll need to respond to the confimation email before you are added to a list.

General Website List
Stained Glass Supplies and Jewelry Supplies List
Special Effects Hair Dye List

Links -- Link exchange page

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