International First-Class Mail:Print Labels From Your Computer

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Print Labels for First Class International Mail
(and all other services)

If you like printing your shipping labels from your computer & want the option to ship to buyers via First Class International Mail without a subscription to a postage service (since Paypal labels with postage doesn’t offer First Class International labels yet & neither does USPS’s online Click n Ship service), the free, download-able program Click-N-Ship® for Business can help (formerly known as the USPS Shipping Assistant).

Using a Mac? See below, as the Click-N-Ship for Business only works on Windows computers.

It is a small program that you download from the USPS website, and it allows you to print labels for both domestic and international shipments. You can ship First Class, Priority Mail or any other service the USPS offers with labels generated through this program. It’s free and easy to use. (If you are having trouble getting it to work, please see the info below for Mac users–even if you are using Windows.)

What’s the catch?

You can’t pay for postage with it (unless you have a subscription postage service). You just affix postage stamps to the package in addition to the label. When I am at the post office, I pick up some stamps of varying values to cover the bases–75¢, 45¢, 20¢, 10¢, 5¢, 2¢ and 1¢. I keep enough on-hand to make up postage for any combo I might need plus, I think it’s kind of fun to get a package with a fun mix of stamps on it.

Please note: All packages heavier than 13 ounces with only postage stamps to cover the price of shipping must be taken to the post office to be shipped, both for domestic and international mailing.

Then why use it?

  • You get a nicely printed label for your package to help speed it through the system & the discounted electronic rate for Delivery Confirmation for domestic mail (free).
  • You get the shipping history for your packages in the program that you can also export as an Excel file.
  • You can easily recreate labels for repeat customers so you don’t have to re-input their address (be sure to check they haven’t moved before you print!).
  • It prints the customs form right on the label for international & APO/FPO/DPO* labels.
  • It electronically submits your customs form data, which means under 13 oz packages with stamps for postage & these labels can be dropped in any mail box/left for pick up.

Shipping internationally?

When Click-N-Ship for Business prints the customs form right on the label for you–it has lines for the information as you fill out the label details–it submits the info to USPS online and prints the label out ready to ship, except for the postage, of course!

Click-N-Ship for Business–download it here:

Helpful tip:
For packages going to the
UK use Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Got a Mac?
While you can’t use the downloaded version of this program you can print the same labels online here (thanks for the tip FGVminiATURES for the tip):

This tool also electronically submits your customs form data, which means under 13 oz packages with stamps for postage can be dropped in any mail box/left for pick up.

For more shipping tips see our main “Shipping” page–see the gold links on the right or click here:
Shipping Basics

*APO/FPO/DPO destinations come at the end of the list of US States in the domestic label form.

Go To Great Panes, Kathryn Maloney ©2011-2012
This post is copyrighted–you do not have permission to repost this content elsewhere but you are welcome to link to it if you’d like to share the information.


16 thoughts on “International First-Class Mail:Print Labels From Your Computer”

  1. Thank you so much for this information about Shipping Assistant. I have been selling on Ebay for a while now and never heard of it. You just saved me A LOT of trips to the post office.

  2. HELP.. your telling me that I can ship my little sterling silver rings to Canada (not registered) and Australia 1st class mail. CAUSE my local post office will not let me.

  3. Ruth–You still need to follow import/export laws, this just tells you how to print International First Class Mail labels at home without paying for a subscription service. I know many people label their jewelry as fashion accessories or costume jewelry if it’s not “high-end” jewelry and they send it First Class.

    1. If you use Paypal, you’ll be shipping Priority Mail International (or a faster service, since that’s all they offer) and you’ll need to print it out on plain paper, three sheets in all I think, and put it in an envelope on the outside of the box. The PO will give you free clear plastic envelopes to put it all in if you ask or you can order them free online from On those three sheets the customs form will be printed.

  4. Hello. I have a question for you. I talked to a postal worker today and mentioned this method, as he knows I’ve been considering an alternate method to spending 30 mins out of my day just to ship first class international packages! Can you tell I’m tired of it 😉 He wanted to know about the copies of the customs forms, so I was wondering when you use the shipping assistant do copies electronically get filed with the USPS automatically? Also, can you print the label onto paper and just tape it on the package?

    Thanks very much for your help 🙂

    1. You’re welcome!

      The customs form is submitted online, but if any package is over 13 oz and has stamps to cover the postage you need to hand it to a postal worker.

      For most First Class International packages, the label & customs form is printed right on the 1/2 sheet label/paper that can be taped to the package.

      For packages that require the more advanced customs form it takes several sheets of paperwork (Priority Mail–non-envelope/small flat rate box). The label and customs form should be printed on paper–it takes 3 sheets–then inserted in the clear plastic envelopes provided by your post office or shipped to you for free from Supplies.

      In my PO I can just walk to the counter and leave packages that already have the postage on them without standing in line. Maybe your post office allows that too?

  5. hi! Thank you so much for this info, I am currently in process of doing my shipping from home 🙂

    If I have a package that is over 13oz but has a postage-paid label printed out using Paypal’s shipping options – do I have to take THAT into the Post Office? Or, is it just packages that are over 130z and have actual postage stamps on them?

    Also, since I have you – I’m wracking my brain and googling like mad to find out how to print that blasted second green-stripe label, once I’ve used the first label on the sheet (do you use the label stock from Avery with the green stripe?) It seems the only way to make it work is to have the green stripe on the bottom of the label for the second package. Is this okay – or do you know if the green stripe has to be on the top of the label?

    thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.
    Sincerely, Katie

    1. You’re welcome! Only packages over 13 oz with postage stamps must be handed off to a postal worker. If it is over 13 oz and has a label where the postage was paid online you can drop that in any mailbox.

      We don’t use labels with a green stripe so I’m not sure what you mean. We print on plain white labels; I cut the sheet in half so that it is one half-sheet label per page. What prints out on the second half (when you don’t cut the page in half or turn off the receipt) is just a receipt I don’t need since I’ve got the electronic record. If you cut the sheet in half you can put the green stripe up or down, however you like.

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