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My feed uploaded and it says
items were inserted!

  1. Where is Google’s Shopping/Product search? Everyone can use this link to see it:

  2. If you are in the US, you can also find it either at the top of the Google search results page–see the “Shopping” link, or sometimes it is in the “More” drop down menu. Product results also often show up near the top of regular Google searches as a short list prefaced by “Shopping results for XXXX”.
  3. You should be able to pull up all your live items by replacing the “GoToGreatPanes” in the following address with whatever you put in as your public display name on step 1 of the tutorial:

  4. When searchers click on your item in the search results they are taken to the item in your Etsy shop.
  5. Under the “Last upload date & status” column it will say when the feed uploaded & how many items were inserted right on the main data feeds page.
  6. Inserted means the item title, description, image and price have been imported from Etsy to Google Base.
  7. Your items won’t show up in Google’s Shopping/Product searches until their status is published and searchable.
  8. To check your items status:
    Log in to Google Base and click My Products then the Active link, then click show all. There it will tell you when your items are published and searchable. It takes some time for them to change from “published and searchable soon” to “published and searchable”.
  9. For some it’s just a little while for their items to become “published and searchable”, for others it can take 24 hours.
  10. Occasionally, items become “published and searchable” and then revert back to “published and searchable soon” on the active items page. Google told me this is a glitch they know of and that your items still are “published and searchable”.
  11. On the active items page (click My Products then the Active link) you will see columns for:
      Expires: Items expire after 30 days, but the expiration date will be extended each time your data feed is updated. If you are using the Etsy RSS method, you can use the scheduler to update automatically.
      Impr.: Your items get hits when they show up in search results. (Impressions)
      Clicks: Your items gets hits when they when they are clicked on in the search results.
  12. If you aren’t getting hits either folks aren’t searching for goods like yours through Google Base or:
    • you need to work on the titles and descriptions to get better results in searches (Impr.)–these tips might help with that: SEO info straight from Google and Etsy: Meta Tags, or
    • you need better photos to get clicks on search results (Clicks).
  13. Google Base doesn’t use Etsy’s tags now, but will start using the first three tags to create product type values as of December 2009.
  14. Etsy limits your RSS feed to the most recent 100 items in your Etsy shop, so that’s the most Google Base will get from your feed. Admin said they will be removing the 100 item limit–yay!
  15. Google Base doesn’t like promotional text, so if your items say something like “free shipping” or “buy one get one free” or descriptions that link to other items, those items might get rejected (left out of the search), but the items without promotional text should still be fine.
  16. Google Base also doesn’t like certain special characters or descriptions that are written in a word processor and include quotes and apostrophes–see FAQ # 3 for more on that.
  17. Google doesn’t guarantee your items will always show up when they match the search terms, and they won’t explain their process of selection.
  18. Just because it didn’t come up when you searched, doesn’t mean it won’t come up when someone else searches.
  19. Sometimes similar items are left out of the search results.
  20. Missing conditions: Etsy fixed this for us! It means there’s no “new”, “used” or “refurbished” indicator–it was just added to Etsy’s feed so it should not show as an error after your next feed update.
  21. Missing product type: Categories the way Google Base has defined them doesn’t seem to jibe with Etsy’s feed. There’s nothing you can do about that now, but as of December 2009 Etsy will be using the first three tags to create your product type–choose them carefully!
  22. Missing weight: An optional attribute that is not in the Etsy feed. (There’s no where in our shop for us to enter a weight, so there’s no way for that to be added your RSS feed.) As far as I can tell, it hasn’t been affecting our search results.
  23. Editing your feed data directly on Google Base: Every time your feed updates anything you change about your item directly on Google Base will be lost, so adding the condition, product type or weight manually on Google Base is pointless.
  24. Data Quality–Says “Long Titles”: Google Base likes your item titles to be 70 characters or less.

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Need more help after reading the FAQs? Please post in this Etsy forum help thread:

Get into Google’s “Shopping” search results–use Google Base


28 thoughts on “Google Base FAQ 2”

  1. Thanks for answering about Etsy feed and the GB missing conditions and missing product type. It looks like there is nothing I can do until Etsy does something. At least I can stop trying!

  2. Help GoTo!
    My 28 etsy items are now published, searchable and FINDABLE. (manual download) That is the good news! However, I have also manually downloaded 5 necklaces from my other website I registered for the google pay at checkout. I read on your FAQ to avoid anything extraneous in the text and corrected that. Even though they are listed now as “published and searchable”, none of them are appearing on any search I’ve made. I hope you can advise me on what else I need to check on to make them appear. Thanks again!

    1. With the current slow down issues in processing even “published and searchable” items can take another 24 hours to really be searchable. That’s my guess.

  3. Thank you for the information! I set up a feed on July 1. It says that it inserted 35 items, but the “active items” tab shows nothing. It seems like the feed is working and there has been enough time for the items to be live. Any idea what might be going on? Thank you!

  4. GoTo: I’ve just discovered that almost every item from my etsy shop gemstones and silver, which had been active and “searchable” for the last several days (since June 30) is now showing DISAPPROVED in red letters!!!! I don’t have a clue as to what is wrong -even after reading some of the helps on googlebase. One stated that if it was a feed from etsy that I should have gotten a notification explaining the disapproval. That hasn’t happened. After my etsy shop was up and running following the manual download (you gave me great help in doing this while waiting on the rss snafu), I have added some other jewelry items that are not available at my etsy store at this time. I signed up for google checkout for them. They are still showing active and searchable! How can I find out what is wrong with these that caused the disapproval?

  5. I now know that all of my etsy manual download was disapproved because I edited it to improve my photos…and also to add more attributes.


    1. Barbara–Feeds can only contain what is on the actual listing page, so adding an attribute that has info the web page doesn’t is sure to get your feed rejected!

  6. OK I followed the directions and waited. Now under Data Feeds it says 36 out of 36 items successfully uploaded but under Active Items it says “you do not have any active items.” Can you tell me what that means? Thank you so much for all your awesome instructions!

    1. Carol–How long ago was your feed processed? There have been some delays, even though Google has said they fixed the problem. My feed is still waiting to load, so they haven’t fixed them all…

      Update: My feed has uploaded successfully, finally. 🙂

      and I just checked, some of your pieces are now loaded–I am sure the rest will follow soon:

  7. I don’t know if this is the information you asked me to send or not. Let me know if it is not.

    Missing required attribute: description
    Invalid encoding
    Encoding problem in attribute: description

    The first two had 31 items with errors, the third had one. I had not changed anything about these entries. They had been fine before. Like I mentioned in the forum, they are all of my rings. I would sure appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!

  8. thanks GoTo–I had hearts in my descriptions. Took those out, hope it solves the problem, at least this one.LOL

  9. Well, that helped sorta. I’m now back up to 46 of 51 items inserted BUT only 18 items are active, none of them are the ones I corrected, my rings. So why are they inserted but not active? They are not listed under inactive either. I really appreciate all you are doing to help us!!

  10. Up to 48 of 51 items inserted, the best I’ve had yet! Not sure why the other three still having problems. Oh well, I’ll keep investigating. Wanted to say a big THANK YOU, you have really been a big help! Thanks for all the great information!

  11. Thanks as always, GoTo! One reason I’ve noticed that it can be worthwhile to edit feed data directly, such as adding a product type, is that it makes the status of my items go to “published and searchable” way faster than if I leave them alone, for some reason. It takes almost 24 hours if I leave the data alone and about 10-15 minutes if I mess with it. Any idea why this would be? (Granted, I’ll only consider this worth the effort as long as I have a small # of items and my feed is updating less frequently than daily.)

  12. This has all been SO helpful to me, thank you thank you!! it took nearly 20 hours to get it going, but my items are finally processed. Couldn’t have done this without these awesome step-by-step instructions!!! 😀

    Ginger (LambCandy)

  13. About half of my items are published searchable. The feed uploaded at 2am this morning, Pacific time.
    Last upload time is: Oct 7, 2009 2:00 am PDT.

    I don’t know where to see if it inserted items from my shop when I log in.

    Thank you so much for helping!

  14. I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if I’ll be searchable on google.
    Thanks so much. It’s really awesome to be able to find help like this around.

  15. Kathryn:
    I have read all you great advice and tweaked my site but, for some reason, 3 vintage rings I have listed are coming up with something in the descriptons etc that are disallowed. They did have free shipping on them and I took it out of the first line of the text.

    I don’t know how to find the right item and line number Google refers to when there’s a problem.
    Any help you can give be will be greatly appreciated.

  16. Thank you so much GoTo!! I could have never done this without your tutorial. I’m happy I found you on Etsy forum this morning.

    THANK YOU! =)

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