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My Google Base feed processed but shows a
No items inserted message

If you used Let’s Ets to create your feed, I recommend switching to the Etsy RSS method. If you still want to use Let’s Ets, see this post for help: Temporary Google Base Issues–fixes here

If you used the Etsy RSS method, below are some common error messages and their fixes.

Please note: All feeds will always have the “Manual upload” link, even if you have it set up to upload using the scheduler.

To find your error message:

On the Google Base My Items tab, Data feeds page, click the name of the feed. That will put you on the “Feed status summary” page which shows problems with your feed.

After you use the fix for your issue below, schedule the feed to upload on the next hour to see if it worked.

If your message is…

the fix is…

  1. “The item is missing a required attribute. description” or “Prohibited word”
  2. Your problem is probably one of the following:

    • You have a special character in your listing that is causing Google to fail at reading your description. Something like a heart, a musical note, or another character you need special key groups or alt codes to create (like an é, ©, ♥ or ☺)–sticking to regular typed characters is the way to go (for example, these are usualy fine: *, ! or &.)
    • Repeated characters can also trigger rejection, so if you use things like *********** or ~~~~~~~~~~~ to separate some of the text in the listing, that might cause it to get rejected.
    • You created your listing in a word processor and it includes single or double quote marks in the item description–they are read as special characters–so edit the listing right on Etsy deleting the quotes, type them in again and finish editing the listing.
    • The word free often triggers items to get rejected, usually it’s used in “free shipping”, but it’s been known to be rejected in other uses.
    • Over use of ALL CAPS can get your items left out of the active items,
    • so can using excessive punctuation like !!!!!!!
    • “Adult” words are often a problem too, unless you mark your feed as mature. (Some words I’ve seen rejected: wine, knife, tobacco, cigarettes…)
    • Sometimes Google rejects items with a web page address in them, so linking to your shop policies, blog or other webpage may be triggering the rejection. Lots of folks can still use links without a problem.
  3. “Invalid encoding”
  4. Same as the issue above.

  5. “Internal error, feed not fully processed”
  6. Lots of folks seem to be getting this intermittently. I’d either try deleting the feed and creating a new one as described in the last entry below or correct the issues above and see if that clears it up.

  7. “This attribute is the duplicate of another attribute.”
  8. I have only see this problem when someone has used Let’s Ets for their feed–see the link above.

  9. “XML formatting error”
  10. Check your scheduler to be sure it has the web page address with the RSS in the middle of it. If it doesn’t, see steps 12 through 15 of the Etsy RSS tutorial.

  11. “Duplicate attribute: price” along with
    “Too many attribute values for attribute: price”
  12. I have only see this problem when someone has used Let’s Ets for their feed–see the link above.

  13. “We didn’t understand the delimiter in your data feed”
  14. Click the edit link next to your feed and change it so it says one of these two things–if it says one already, change it to the other:

    Target country: United States
    Feed format: googlebase
    File format: Autodetect
    Encoding: UTF-8
    Delimiter: Autodetect
    Use Quoted Fields: Yes

    or this:

    Target country: United States
    Feed format: googlebase
    File format: autodetect
    Encoding: UTF-8
    Delimiter: Tab
    Use Quoted Fields: Yes

  15. “Failure Print
    This message is displayed when a data feed hasn’t successfully processed or when no items in the feed were valid. Please make sure your feed is saved in one of our supported formats and try uploading it again.

    Also, if you’re trying to upload a compressed (.zip, .gz, .z, or .bz2) file, please make sure the file is compressed correctly, and that you’re attempting to submit the feed in binary FTP mode (for users sending their feed via FTP). If the problem persists, please contact us.”

  16. Edit your feed the same way as described in the previous response.

  17. “Missing Attribute”–weight, product type…
  18. See FAQ #2.

  19. If all else fails
  20. Sometimes a feed just ‘goes bad’. Try deleting the feed and creating a new one with a slightly different name. When I needed to do it, I changed it from/to:

If none of these things help, please copy the info in the “errors and suggestions” area and paste in the Google Base help thread in the Etsy forums and I’ll see if I can help: Google Base Help Thread

I’ll be adding more solutions to this post as we go. 🙂

Google Base “Frequently Asked Question” posts

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# 3: My feed processed but shows a 0 items inserted message!
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16 thoughts on “Google Base FAQ 3”

  1. it worked BUT i dont understand something, ready?:
    There is title
    county and status right?
    under TITLE i put the title
    of my book. The earth declares

    is that correct OR am i to put the title of my etsy account, the title of my website what is the title for
    sorry for being so thick headed here

    1. Where did you get that message? When you are logged in to Google Base and check the “View errors and suggestions” link? That’s where the helpful info is. (The email they send is usually useless as far as troubleshooting goes.)

  2. I’m stumped about what’s wrong with my feed.

    Feed status summary for paperartistry.xml
    12 of 94 items inserted – Processed on Sep 28, 2009 1:12 am PDT

    Detected file format: XML
    Feed Level Messages
    Warning: Missing recommended attribute: weight – Warning
    While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available.

    Item Errors – 82 items with errors 82 items affected
    Invalid encoding (82 errors)

    1. Marty–Your problem is with the enconding–“Invalid encoding (82 errors)”–see the second entry above. The weight doesn’t matter, that’s covered there too, near the end of the list.

  3. A few days ago I sent through all my listing titles and removed any special characters so I don’t understand what the problem is. Obviously, I’m new to using Google Base and didn’t think it would be this difficult to use. Maybe it’s just me.

    1. I think you missed this part: “You’ll also get this error if you created your listing in a word processor and it includes single or double quote marks in the item description…” 🙂

  4. GoTo:
    Just wanted to thank you for all the valuable information posted in this blog! It should be the official Etsy / Instructional Resource for all things Google Base.

    I didn’t know about the 100 most recent items limit. Now i have to sort through the items that were published and see which items i have to add manually.

    Thanks much, I added myself as a follower and added your shop as one of my favorites.

    Daniel –

  5. Thanks for making this easy for me to understand. I have been trying to do it successfully for months and until reading your tutorial today haven’t been able to. Thanks for helping so many frustrated NON-tech savvy people like myself! I appreciate it very much!

  6. As always, I’m ready to lose it here and thank you thank you for all your invaluable help in sorting all this out! I’ve been running a sale and just spent 1 1/2 hours removing the word ” sale” from all the sale items.
    I’m still getting :
    Too many attribute values for attribute: price (100 warnings)

    The attribute price does not support the number of values provided. Examples:

    Item Nr. Line Nr.
    18 246
    44 584
    93 1,221
    95 1,247
    96 1,260
    Maybe it’s me but I just cannot figure out what the problem is!
    ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so so much !

    1. Debby–Were you using Let’s Ets? That’s the only time I’ve seen that problem. If so, switch to the Etsy RSS method linked to from our main Google Base help page: Google Base

      If not, you need to figure out which items had errors & why–18 is either the 18th most recent at the time of the upload, or the 18th least recent of you most recent 100 items at the time of the upload. (Same for all the other numbers.)

      I’ve also responded to your question in the forums:

  7. Thank you for the wonderful help here. I have deactivated and reactivated. But I can’t find any of my items in Google Shopping Search.

    Pleae, are you able to tell me why this might be. I’ve only just done the first step and am trying to follow your instructions on ‘How do I find my items in the shopping search to know if they are uploacing?’

    Many thanks

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