Google Base: Items on Multiple Websites/Domains

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If you sell your items on several venues (your own website, sites like Etsy, Ebay…) you’ll find you can’t just add a second data feed for items located on another domain if you are using the scheduler for uploading your goods (such as the Etsy RSS and Google Base method). The data feed address will differ from the website URL and your feed will fail.

To work around that, you can do one of three things:

1. Get another Google Base account for each additional venue you sell from,

2. Change your current Google Base account to a multi-client account, and your shops/websites will be the clients of the account and allowed to have different addresses: Multi-client account, or

3. Add items for the additional venues using Google Base’s manual upload link in an additional data feed. To upload your Etsy shop feed via the manual link see this post: Manual Upload.

Please note: Google Base doesn’t like when you submit the same exact items through multiple feeds–it muddies the searches–so your feed may get disapproved if you do that.

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