Changes Coming for Google Base

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As of December 1st, 2009 Google Base will be changing its policies for submitting goods that are for sale on sites like Etsy.

Sellers will no longer be able to set up their own shop feeds–the marketplace will need to do it for the sellers. (I’d say that it is still worthwhile to spend the 10 minutes setting up your feed in the mean time–so don’t let this discourage you from getting your feed going!)

Some have said that Google Base’s has already deleted their feeds because for this new rule (a few on Etsy and one on 1000Markets from what I’ve heard).

I’d be surprised if that is why those feeds have been deleted since the last time Google had put a change in requirements into place they allowed feeds that didn’t meet the new requirements to remain until the deadline they provided–which would be December 1st in this case.

I’ve contacted Google tech support and I’ll let you know what I hear back from them on this.

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2 thoughts on “Changes Coming for Google Base”

  1. Do you know if Etsy will be doing this for us from then on. I sort of doubt it just because there are so many shops. Oh well, maybe all of Etsy’s SEO tweaks that they have planned will help our shop to be seen a bit. Thanks for the info

    1. The admin popped in on a thread in the forums and said that they do plan on setting this up for us. In the mean time, here’s hoping Google Base doesn’t delete our feeds until then!

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