How Etsy's "Secondary Shipping" works

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The highest shipping charge is always the base shipping.

It doesn’t matter what order the items are added to the shopping cart, the item with the highest primary shipping rate will set the base shipping for the order.

The secondary shipping cost is if you add that item to a package.

“With another item” should generally be less than the first shipping price. (In some cases items can’t be shipped with other items, or the cost of shipping won’t go down when it is shipped with another item, so the shipping will stay the same for primary and secondary shipping.)

Every item after the one that sets the base shipping will add its secondary rate to the package.

An example:

Item Primary Shipping
Secondary Shipping
with another item:
A $5.00 $4.00
B $2.00 $ .50
C $3.00 $1.00

If someone buys all three, Item A’s shipping is primary–because it is highest, and Item B & Item C will have the secondary rate added:

Item Shipping Applied
A $5.00
B $ .50
C $1.00
Shipping total: $6.50

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  1. How do you actually determine what to set the second rate at? My confusion is that I do not know what the second item will be, if it will fit with the first item or if I will need to go to a larger box. If It is international, and the larger box bumps it past first class rates, I have to move to priority shipping which skyrockets the rate! It seems like a shot in the dark. Any words of wisdom?

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