FAQs about the new Etsy GM feed

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NEW: Disappearing Syndication Link on Etsy 04/15/10

NEW-ish: Sean11 just posted an update (02/25/10), see here:

FAQs about the new Etsy GM feed

  1. What is syndication?
  2. Syndication is Etsy uploading our items to Google Merchant Center to get into Google’s special shopping/product search, and all shops will eventually have it (you don’t need to do anything to get it). Etsy has been rolling it out in stages to sellers since December.
  3. What is Google Merchant Center/Google’s special shopping/product search?
  4. See this post: What is Google Base/Merchant?
  5. Is my shop in it?
  6. See this post: Etsy has Started to Syndicate Shops
  7. If my shop is syndicated, do I need to do anything else?
  8. If all your items are showing up correctly there’s nothing you need to do. (See number 10 below for help with finding what items of yours are currently in Google Shopping.)

    If you are missing older items or items have the wrong image, then you need to enable your current stock for upload, see here for OhFaro‘s quick trick:

    Etsy’s GM Syndication: Enable your items

    Any listings/edits/renewals you make from here on out will be added to Google Merchant automatically.

  9. I had the RSS feed set up with the scheduler, but my syndication page doesn’t say active.
  10. Unfortunately there are some folks who didn’t get added. Sean11 (an admin) said they included folks based on a list of active Google Merchant account users that Google provided them with, other than that I don’t know why some have been added and some haven’t. See his post here: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6365505&page=12

  11. My shop isn’t syndicated yet, what can I do?
    My shop says “pending”, what now?
  12. The only thing you can do now is wait for Etsy add your shop to the syndication–please see the entries below for more general info.
  13. How soon will my items show up in Google’s Shopping/Product search?
  14. Once your shop is syndicated, items will be sent to Google immediately after listing/editing, but may take 24 to 48 hours to show in their Shopping/Product search:
  15. Will it show anything in my Google Merchant Account?
  16. No, your merchant account will only show your current feeds, and the new uploads are Etsy’s feed–so it will only show in their account.
  17. Do I need to do anything with the feed I set up for the RSS uploads?
  18. Your individual feed will stop working shortly if it hasn’t already (Google had said sellers could no longer submit items as of December). Most RSS feeds for Etsy shops have already stopped working (see here).

    Unless you delete the feed or stop the email messages you will continue to get notices about the upload failures. I chose to delete the feeds since they are dead now anyway.

  19. How do I find my items in the shopping search to know if they are uploading?
  20. It’s not as easy as when we were able to do our own uploads…

    a. You have to search for your items on Google’s shopping search like a buyer–I start with searching an item name, sometimes you can also search by your Etsy ID. Search here: http://www.google.com/products

    b. Go to a page where you see your items in results shown as sold by Etsy – USERNAME (USERNAME being your Etsy username). On the left side of the page you’ll also see links all the sellers on that page (click “more” if you don’t see it). Click the link on the left for your shop.

    I searched gotosupplies, clicked the link on the left for my shop.

    c. In the address bar you’ll find the address for that page–most of it will be gobbledy-gook, mine looked like this:

    http://www.google.com/search?q=gotosupplies&hl=e n&tbs=shop:1,seller:7152851&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=_7q

    Copy the address for your page to a word processor and find the seller number like is highlighted in purple in my address.

    Take that number put it in the webpage address below instead of the XXXXXX and you should be taken to a page with just your items uploaded by Etsy:


    Mine looks like this:


    d. Once you have that address working for finding your items, bookmark it in your browser for easier finding in the future. Please note: If you put your shop in vacation mode your number might change so you may have to create a new bookmark after coming out of vacation mode. You’ll also need to re-enable your items for upload or they won’t be in the feed.

  21. When will the rest of the shops to be added?
  22. The gradual roll out to the rest of Etsy is in the works and will continue over the next few months–the admin say they can’t give us a deadline for when it is happening:
  23. Why does my Google Merchant Account still only show 100 items uploading–I thought Etsy was removing the 100 item limit?
  24. Your merchant account will only show your current feeds, and the new uploads are on Etsy’s feed–it will only show in their account. Your feed may still be uploading your 100 most recent items, but Etsy’s feed will upload them all and it won’t be reflected in your GM account, it will only be shown in Etsy’s GM account.

    Once your feed is retired (see here), you won’t get notifications of items that aren’t inserted anymore:

    A few items not inserted won’t effect the rest of the items Etsy uploads.

  25. Why is it taking so long for the rest of the shops to be added?

    Because Etsy is part of a new Marketplace Partner Program that is different than the RSS uploads we used to have. It’s also different than the way most other venues upload their goods:

    • Immediate upload to GM, not sent in batches like on other sites–see here. (It may still take 24 to 48 hours for items to show once Google has the info.)
    • Items are listed as being sold by:
      Etsy – USERNAME
      other venues list only their business name.
    • Our feedback on Etsy will be linked to our listings,
  26. When will our feedback show on GM?
  27. Update: Not sure what will happen now that Etsy is hiding Etsy buyer feedback from public view on the site
    When Google sets it up–according to admin sean11 “in the coming weeks”, as stated here:
  28. What else should I know?
    • Newer feeds generally seem to be weaker initially as far as search results go, so it will probably take a little time for our items to get really good search results. Well-established feeds get better search results, and we’ll get there.
    • Etsy will be adding product type values for us! Using the first three tags of each item, Etsy will create product types for the Google Merchant submission–make sure your first three tags are in a good order and be sure to keep anything that prevents items from being inserted out of the first three tags.
    • If your items aren’t being inserted after you’ve enabled your items, you need to check that they don’t conflict with GM’s rules. Some tips for that can be seen in the first entry of:
      FAQ 3.
    • GM gets item titles, the entire item description and the first three Etsy tags, so if you want to include things that Google doesn’t want in the feed (like free shipping), be sure it isn’t in those places.
  29. How can I see the stats coming from the Google Merchant hits now that it doesn’t show in my Google Base/Merchant account?
  30. You need to set up your Google Analytics account to show them: http://bloghandmade.blogspot.com/2009/10/tracking-your-traffic-from-google-base.html
  31. Where can I find Etsy’s Google Product Search help?
  32. http://help.etsy.com/app/answers/list/c/8,30/noIntercept/1

This post is copyrighted–you do not have permission to repost this content elsewhere but you are welcome to link to it if you’d like to share the information.

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25 thoughts on “FAQs about the new Etsy GM feed”

  1. Thanks a million, GoTo. I just did what you said to do. Now I’ll see what happens. This is all a little confusing.

  2. GoTo, this info was sooo helpful. I’ve been wondering about all this for months. Now I find that I’ve been syndicated for a while and just needed to follow the OhFaro instructions about deactivating and activating.

    Wish everyone knew about this!

    Thank you.

  3. GoTo, I LOVE YOU!!! My shop was syndicated just today (I think) I had no idea I had to activate my items! I just did it, so easy!

  4. Do you think its worth the time and effort to sign up for Google Merchant (if so, how) or continue to wait for the syndication button to magically appear.

  5. You know I was thinking I have to start over/redo my shop. Even if I get syndicated without making these changes nothing positive would come of it. Thank you for providing how to information/posts.

  6. I did this a while ago and have rechecked it was done correctly and that my shop is syndicated. However, searching on a known product still brings up nothing. IS this because I am in UK and Google is looking for items priced in UK£?

    1. That’s probably it–you may be only seeing the Google Product Search from the UK, and Etsy only submits to the US version (because our prices are in USD Etsy can only upload to the US version). I see your products–try stating your search from here:


  7. Thank you. I can see twelve of my items there. I have one hundred and eleven in my Etsy shop. I’ve gone back and read more faqs but still have some queries…is it OK to ask them here?

    Firstly, will the other items show up in time?

    Secondly, I have logged into my previous Google Merchant Center, but it’s not showing anything as active.

    How do I actually get any information from Google Merchant and is that old Google Merchant Center defunct?

    If there’s a faq sheet I’ve missed somewhere, will be happy to go and try and work from there.

    Problem is it’s ages since I used the previous Center, so not quite sure what I’m aiming at.

    1. Vicki–I see 40 items from your shop in the shopping search. If you just inactivated/activated your listings, give it a day or so for them all to show. If you did it a few days ago, send me a few links to ones that aren’t in it and I’ll see if I can tell if there’s something that google is rejecting.

      For it not showing in your GM account, see above, it’s not your feed anymore, it’s Etsy’s. 🙂

      I’m afraid this is the only FAQ out there that covers this much, even the admin posted sending folks here for more help.

  8. Thank you again. I really am most grateful. I only de and re activated today, so I’ll assume the rest are to follow.

    I think I have grasped that the feed is now Etsy’s, but I’m not sure whether that means I won’t be able to ‘see’ any results anywhere? Does point 12 above apply? And, if so, where should I be looking for it to show up?

    I shall now rush off and look at my items….

    While remaining very, very grateful for your continued patience!


  9. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for us, it’s very helpful for me as someone who was not aware of Google Merchant and syndication prior to learning about it on Etsy.

  10. hi. Thank you for the post! very informative! I have a question. As it was said google merchant doesnt like “free shipping”. But when I go to the google products search I can choose the checkmark for free shipping. I dont understand that?

  11. I have found many of your posts on SEO/Google very useful indeed. I found this one through the Etsy forums. Thanks for your hard work on this blog.

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