Clearing up what Etsy's Syndication Is For

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Google Search: Google uses robots (spiders) to follow links from page to page (crawl the web) to index sites to use in regular search results:

Google crawls intermittently, there’s no changing when it will crawl and find your items for inclusion. The majority of shoppers using Google to search come to a site through Google’s regular search.

Google Shopping: There’s a second Google search you can use to find things to buy–it’s Google’s Shopping Search or Product Search:

Items are submitted to this search for inclusion through Google Merchant Center, it’s the only way to get in the Shopping Search. Only website owners can submit items to Google Merchant Center, so venues like Etsy must submit your items for you. This search is only for items that are in US Dollars* and have shipping to the USA.

Syndication is how Etsy uploads our items to Google Merchant Center to get into Google’s special shopping/product search. For some shops they see a big improvement in searches bringing traffic to their shops, others not so much.

Occasionally you’ll see three items pulled from Google Merchant Center submissions listed under “Shopping results for Your-Search-Terms” on page 1 of regular Google search results next to an image of one of the three items. “Shopping results for Your-Search-Terms” is a link that will take you to all Google Shopping results for the search terms or you can click one of the item names to go directly to that item.

There is also a link to the Shopping search in the header of the search results page or the left sidebar, depending on the view of the search results page you are seeing.

Need help seeing if you are syndicated and/or seeing all your Etsy items are showing up? See this post:

Finding Your Etsy Items in Google Shopping

*Even Etsy items that use international currencies are submitted.