US Tax Deadline: April 15th & Help Links

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April 15, 2013: See that on the IRS website here:,,id=118506,00.html

If you need to file income taxes for any reason, you’ll need to include your small business income no matter how small it might have been, or even if this year your business shows a loss instead of a profit. Need help finding out if you need to file at all? See here:

Do I Need to File a Tax Return?

If you’re having trouble with the Schedule C (sole proprietorships report their business income on the schedule C), the IRS publications linked to from here might be of help–these are documents that help address line numbers that are missing/are poorly covered in the Schedule C Instructions:

US Sellers: Help for Filing Income Taxes for Your Small Business

and if you still have questions, you can get answers directly from IRS employees. Most workers I have talked to have been nice, so don’t let their employer put you off. 🙂

You can give them a call toll free, be sure to ask for someone who can help with the Schedule C (profit/loss for businesses) if you’re filing as a sole proprietorship:

Live Telephone Assistance,,id=96730,00.html

or you can go to a local IRS office and sit down with someone in person:

Taxpayer Assistance Center Office Locator

When I call for help, I ask which publication number the answer can be found in and on what page.

Sometimes reading a rule in context helps you understand it better and you can be more confident that the answer applies to your specific tax situation.

Sometimes a taxpayer doesn’t mention all the things needed to get an accurate answer when speaking with an IRS employee, and sometimes the IRS employee doesn’t understand the full question/situation and reading the answer in context might give you the tip off that the answer wasn’t right for your tax situation & that you might need to call back & clarify what you need.

You can find links to all the IRS publications on their site:

IRS Forms and Publications

I like to download PDF versions to search the document easily for key words, but I prefer to read the online versions (html) because of the links to other pages that can be helpful.

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