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Pocketbook/Purse Hangers

A selection of previously sold purse hangers as samples of colors we may have available upon request. Please let us know what you'd like and we'll do our best to make it for you.

Some close ups with better lighting:

Samples of how the glass varies from piece to piece even when cut from the same sheet of glass

Please ignore and black marker lines on pieces whose descriptions don't include black, as they will be cleaned off when finished.

1. Black and white

2. Confetti--white, green., blue, pink, & black lines

3. White pieces with gentle white on white pattern
and one grey and white

4. White with light caramel streaks

5. Caramel with lighter caramel streaks

6. Pink: Soft pink with white streaks. One side of this glass is iridized, giving a slight rainbow effect on the surface, like a soap bubble. I've shown two here with that side up, one with the plain side up--your choice.

7. Mauve streaks through white/mauve glass

8. Purple with white/lighter purple streaks

9. Dark purple with lighter purple streaks

10. Cobolt blue (dark) and white

11. Medium blue and white

12. Light blue and white

13. Smokey blue and white

14. Green--darkish with lighter green/white streaks

15. A light jade color--with white streaks

16. Mint color with lighter mint/white streaks, and a frosted surface on one side, shiney on the other

17. Red with white streaks

Not pictured:
just shiny smooth black glass.

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