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Christmas Ornaments

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Several Heart Designs

Star of David
Cobalt blue water glass, wispy white and clear glass
4" W by 5" H at the widest points
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Item # 30d ..... $25.00


Streaky red glass, mottled tan glass
Apple 4.5" H, 5.72" with the leaf, 5.75" W
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Item # 31d ..... $25.00

Transparent yellow glass and dark green glass with milky streaks throughout
7" Diameter
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Item # 8d & 20d ..... $50.00

Red Rose
with green leaves

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Item # sc001 ..... $15.00

green alien head

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Roswell ..... $75.00

Stained Glass Alien Head Sun catcher

Made to order--1 to 3 weeks before it will be shipped

This eerie stained glass alien head is an original design and work by Dan Murphy. Roswell's facial features -- the eyebrows, nose and mouth are hand-engraved. The nose and mouth are also accentuated with black paint. Please, someone adopt him -- the long distance bills are killing us, all that phoning-home...

Glass description: Textured lime green with etched and painted details, deep teal (blue-green) colored eyes

Size: Approximately 6" high, 4 1/2" wide
15.24 cm high by 11.43 wide

Made to order--1 to 3 weeks before it will be shipped

Ship to:

Yin Yang

4.75" across, approx.
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Item # 21d

Need suctions cups you can count on?

Holds up to 3 lbs

They are made by Adams Mfg, and are made with a UV-resistant materials which prevents deterioration, brittling & yellowing, and provides reliable service from an icy 22 degrees below zero to a sweltering 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rippled opaque white glass.
2.75" across, 2.25" high
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Item # 62k & 63k ..... 12.00 each

But we can make one especially for you! Just let us know by email:
info @
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Light Blue Peace Sign
Light blue water glass
4" across
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Item # 54k ..... Sold!

Green Peace Sign
Medium green glass with a deep mottled texture
4" across
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Item # 44k & 45k ..... $29.00 each

Deep red waterglass, rough rolled cobalt blue
or Blue with green
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Item # 16K & 134k ... $55.00

Nugget Flower-red
Red petals with an orange center
1.75" across
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Item # 47k ..... $10.00

Nugget Flower-red
Red with a yellow center
2" across
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Item # 50k ..... $10.00

More suncatchers

Christmas Items

Although many of our suncatchers can double as Christmas Ornaments, we've grouped here items that primarily have a Christmas theme, or are featured on our homepage.
More suncatchers further below.
Many of our ornaments can be personalized with text in silver paint** for an additional $2.00, or engraved and highlighted with paint (for more permanent text) for $5.00 for up to seven letters per ornament.

**The silver paint can be washed off with window cleaner.

Red Pointsettia

Item # cm001 ..... $90.00


Size: 8.5" wide by 6.25" high

Description: Lightly textured deep red glass, mimics the texture of the red leaves of live pointsettia, green water glass leaves and gently dimpled yellow glass for the center flowers.


Item # cm002 ..... $75.00

Size: 10" wide by 5" high

Description: Lightly textured gold/amber lettering with dark green and white holly leaves and bright red berries.

Christmas Tree

Item # orn003 ..... $11.00

Size: Approx. 2" w by 3.25" h

Description: Bright green nugget tree with a contrasting colored trunk.

Currently in stock:
Red base
Yellow base
Teal base

Please indicate color when ordering.

Item # 68d . . . . . Item # 69d

. .

Santa Hats

Item # 68d & 69d ..... $12.50

Size: Approx. 5.5" tall by 3.5" wide

Description: Translucent red glass with white trim and pompom
Item # 68d--faintly textured
Item # 69d--gentle texture

Santa Hats on Eighth Notes

Item # 67d ..... $15.00 each
Please indicate color when ordering: Note colors in stock, one of each: cobalt blue, yellow, red, aqua and green.

Size: Each note is approx. 3.25" tall and 2.75" wide

Description: These eighth notes don charming red Christmas hats with white trim to add some festivity to your holiday decor or share them with others--they'll make a lovely gift for a music lover, musician or music teacher.

Christmas Stocking

Item # 31k ..... $22.00

Size: 4 1/2" high by 3" wide
Height from tip of yellow gift to the pad of the foot, width from farthest point left (toe) to farthest point right (white)

Glass description: Smooth red glass stocking with white top and green and gold gifts with bows

Click the images above for more info.

Engraved text/star, then highlighted with paint:
No flash picture to show the iridized surface:

Joy Christmas Ornament

Item # orn001

Size: 1.75" across


Description: Red iridized* semi-opaque glass etched with the word Joy and a star etched/engraved on the surface, the engravig is then highlighted with silver paint.

no flash photo to show the texture and rainbow effect of the glass
Round Christmas Ornament
Small Clear Iridized Textured Glass

Item # orn002 ..... $7.00

Size: Just over 1.5" across

Description: Clear textured glass with an iridized* surface.

Harlequin Suncatchers/Christmas Ornaments

Click the link above for item numbers and bigger images

$11.00 each . . . . 6 for $60.00

Size: Approx. 3.25" high by 2.75" wide, from tip to tip

Glass description: Textured clear glass, red water glass and green water glass

A classic design sure to please whether hung in a window or on a tree!

Front . . . . . . . . . . Back

Custom Photo Ornament

You mail us a ready-to-use phototograph and either email the text to us and we'll print it out, our use text you provide (either hand written or a print out).
We can encase any other flat item if you've got something in mind--ticket stubs from a show, a bit of poetry in your own hand, a lock of hair, pressed flowers from your garden...

Item # orn003 ..... $15.00

Size: 3.5" across

Description: Clear smooth glass, circular. Picture and text must fit in an area slightly smaller than 3.5" circle.

Great gift for newlyweds, new parents or grandparents, or anyone you shared a special day with! First Christmas Together, Baby's First Christmas, My Favorite Aunt, Best Cousins...

Prefer a square or rectangle? Let us know and we'll make one for you!

Custom Enrgaved Ornaments

Available in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Please let us know what you are interested in, or if you don't have anything in mind, we can offer you suggestions.


Item # orn004 ..... $13.00 without engraving/name

Size: White: about 3.5" across, just under 5" tall from the top of white to the toe of the stocking.

Description: Smooth red glass stocking with white top and green and gold gifts with bows

Engraving: See text above first picture.

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Non-Holiday Suncatchers

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