Welcome to Go To Great Panes' Blog

(frequently known as “GoTo” on some forums and auction sites)

Usually I’m the voice for our business, Go To Great Panes, but I share the operations and art with my husband Dan.  We’ve been working in stained glass for many years, selling online since 2003 through our website and a few other venues.

I find myself posting helpful information in forums often, and I’ve learned a lot through other forum members.  I’ve also done quite a bit of research myself looking for accurate answers to business questions that have come up. The same questions come up again and again so I thought I’d put what I’ve learned together here for easy reference and updating.

Please always check the validity and accuracy of information you get from websites and individuals that are not officials representing those who have authority over your situation

This includes checking information found in this blog, we’ve done our research but we know we’re not perfect and rules/laws change all the time.  If you find something that is incorrect, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would send me an email and a link to the correct information (preferably from an official source).

Thanks for visiting our blog, I hope you’ve had a chance to check out our website and artwork along the way!