Downloading Our Monthly Etsy Fees

We like to download our Etsy fees details for our business records–it lets us see our renewal fees, listing fees and transaction fees breakdown, and the items the fees are related to.

I’m hoping the admin will add a way to download a full year’s worth of data in one file, but until then you can download them in monthly groupings. Below is a description of how to do it using Microsoft Excel.

To add up your Etsy fees for each month:

  1. Go to “Your Etsy” and click on “Your Etsy Bill” in the left-hand column.
  2. Just above the itemized listings click “view full list“. This puts you on the “Your Etsy Bill > Monthly Statements” page:
    At the bottom of the page click “Download this entire monthly statement as a CSV file“.
  3. When the pop up for “save as” opens, save it as a .txt file. If it says something other than .txt, manually change it to .txt so it reads something like:
  4. Below the file name is another box, change that to “all files“, and click save.
    • If you can’t do steps 3 & 4, download it as is, then go to the folder you downloaded it in and change the name to have .txt as the file extension:
      Right click on the name, click the rename option on the menu choices. Take out the text after the dot, and put in txt. Don’t worry about the pop up warning about changing the extension, it’s ok.
  5. Open Microsoft Excel
  6. Click “file” then “open“, and choose to view “text files“.
  7. Double click on the name of the file.
  8. When the text import wizard opens, make sure the “Delimitated” button is checked and click the “next” button.
  9. In the “delimiters” area, make sure the “comma” box is the one checked, click “next“, then “finish“.

When the file opens it has each amount you were billed in the same row as the item name, the date and type of activity, and all the fees in one column. To have the worksheet add the column for you:

  1. Highlight all the numbers to be added from top to bottom, and one box more.
  2. Go To the top of the window and click on the big funny shaped “E” (Sigma Sum Sign): ∑
  3. The column total should appear in the extra box you highlighted.

You can also sort to see how much you spent on listing fees, renewal fees, etc.

If you like to keep the number of files on your computer to a minimum, or want to keep it all together for the year’s end paperwork, you can copy each month into one main worksheet or each month into a separate page within the same file.

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