Etsy RSS & Google Base Issue

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After months of needing to do nothing with our Etsy RSS and Google Base feed, it failed today. I remembered caelum posting this tip in a forum thread. After making the change I reset the scheduler for the next hour and it went right through–success!

Thanks to for mentioning this fix!

If your “Etsy RSS and Google Base” method feed fails, try this:

1. Click to edit the the feed on Google Base.
2. Change the “File format” from Autodetect to XML.
3. Click save changes.


Google Base: Multiple Etsy Shops

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Just create another feed, naming it after your other shop, and set up the same way you did when using the Etsy RSS and Google Base tutorial.

Since Google Base has edited their system so you can use the RSS for multiple Etsy shops by just adding additional feeds, I’ve reposted info specifically about setting up items on more than one domain here (like your own website or other venues): Google Base: Items on Multiple Domains.

Please note: Google Base doesn’t like when you submit the same exact items through multiple feeds–it muddies the searches–so your feed may get disapproved if you do that.

Google Base “Frequently Asked Question” posts

# 1: I’ve set up Google Base, now what?

# 2: My feed uploaded & it says items were inserted!

# 3: My feed processed but shows a 0 items inserted message!
Need more help after reading the FAQs? Please post in this Etsy forum help thread:

Get into Google’s “Shopping” search results–use Google Base

Updated July 19, 2009

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Temporary Google Base Issues: Fixes here!

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This week Etsy added USD to all our listings to make it clear to international buyers that our prices are in US Dollars. Unfortunately it’s been causing issues with the Let’s Ets data feeds.

If you are looking to update your data feed, you can do one of two things:

1. Switch to the Etsy RSS method which also allows you to use the scheduler to automatically update your shop from now on:

~ ~ ~ Switch to the Etsy RSS method ~ ~ ~

Here’s a tutorial–be sure to start from step 1 as some of the account settings need to be changed:

Etsy RSS and Google Base

2. Manually edit your Let’s Ets feed:

~ ~ ~ Let’s Ets: remove the “USD” ~ ~ ~
from your download

1. Download the feed to your computer.
That’s the file titled SHOPNAME.xml (of course, it has your shop’s name in the spot where it says “SHOPNAME”).

2. You should be able to open it with an HMTL editor or a plain text program like notepad or WordPad. Right-click on the file name and select “Open with” and pick a program.

3. Make sure the cursor is at the top of the page, then hold down the control button on your keyboard and click H.

4. When the pop up opens put USD in the “Find what” box, and leave the “Replace with” box empty. Click the “Replace All” button.

5. Save the file, and upload to Google Base as usual.

The Let’s Ets fix is a tip from Glasstastic.

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Postal Rates Going Up–May 11

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Postal Rates Going Up–May 11

A little reminder that the rate for First Class Mail is going up 5 cents May 11, 2009 but…

it only goes up for the first ounce. The additional ounces rate stays the same so a 1 oz package will only be 5 cents more than it was before the change, and a 6 oz package will only be 5 cents more than it was before the change. Not so bad!

Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services & Extra Services are also going up. There’s a little info here about how the rates have changed:

See this page for full details: