Google Base: Multiple Etsy Shops

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Just create another feed, naming it after your other shop, and set up the same way you did when using the Etsy RSS and Google Base tutorial.

Since Google Base has edited their system so you can use the RSS for multiple Etsy shops by just adding additional feeds, I’ve reposted info specifically about setting up items on more than one domain here (like your own website or other venues): Google Base: Items on Multiple Domains.

Please note: Google Base doesn’t like when you submit the same exact items through multiple feeds–it muddies the searches–so your feed may get disapproved if you do that.

Google Base “Frequently Asked Question” posts

# 1: I’ve set up Google Base, now what?

# 2: My feed uploaded & it says items were inserted!

# 3: My feed processed but shows a 0 items inserted message!
Need more help after reading the FAQs? Please post in this Etsy forum help thread:

Get into Google’s “Shopping” search results–use Google Base

Updated July 19, 2009

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7 thoughts on “Google Base: Multiple Etsy Shops”

  1. Can you set up a multiple client for different sites of the same product? For example: I have a shop on etsy, 1000 Markets, shophandmade, cosa verde, and an official website.

    When reading about multiple client it says, “As a reminder, please avoid submitting duplicate websites containing similar content to avoid account disapproval.”

    Thanks! Wendy

  2. A multiple client account would work for several different domains where you sell.

    We have the some of the same items from our website and Etsy in Google Base, it hasn’t been a problem, but maybe that’s because we use separate Google Base accounts to do it.

    I’m not sure how high a risk it would be with a multi-client account, but you could always choose to cancel a data feed so that the one(s) you prefer are the ones that get accepted.

  3. I setup Google Base for my two stores, one was a brand new store with 4 items listed. Just checked google base and it only showed one item from the new store and none of the other. Not sure why.

  4. On the data feeds page, it says TARGET COUNTRY near the upper right. It has ALL as the default. Should I leave it at that or should I choose United States since my prices are in US dollars?

    Thanks so much for all your tutorials! 🙂

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