I got a treasury!

It features some of Etsy’s oldest members–we’re still alive & kicking, so please do some clicking!

The treasury is over now, but you can see a larger view of the image below by clicking on it–makes it easier to see the seller’s names. You can also find all these sellers and more in the oldtimer’s promo thread in the forums:


Etsy Oldtimers Fall Tones Treasury
Etsy Oldtimers Fall Tones Treasury

Shipping Through Paypal–Regardless of How the Customer Paid

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Go To Great Panes, Kathryn Maloney ©2009

Did you know you can use Paypal labels to ship things even when your buyer didn’t pay through Paypal? Or even if you’re just shipping something to a friend?

There’s two ways to do it–using the Multi-order Shipping feature or using the ship-now link.

Multi-order Shipping

On the right side of the main account page there is a link under “My account tools” to “Multi-order Shipping”.

Personally I don’t like that feature–I find it cumbersome for printing one label so I use the “ship-now” page:


1. Log in to your Paypal account.

2. Click this link (and bookmark the web page in your browser for future use):

3. There you can manually enter all the details for a label for a package even if you did not receive funds through Paypal. I copy and paste everything in to be sure I’ve got it right.

Click the bookmark in your browser whenever you want to do it again.

Teach a Man to Fish…

You can get to this web page address any time you need to, even without the bookmark. Knowing how to get there will keep you from ever having to worry about losing the magic link, so here goes…

You can create that link address yourself from a transaction label you haven’t yet printed:

a. Click the “Print shipping label” link next to any transaction and when the label page loads
b. go to the address bar in your browser and delete all the text after “ship-now” in the address and
c. hit enter. That will give you a blank label form to fill in with your shipment details.

For example, when you click the “Print Shipping Label” link the address of the label page will look something like this:


cut the end of the address off so it just ends with ship-now:


then hit enter on your keyboard. It will bring up a page with a blank label.

If you don’t have a transaction with a “Print shipping label” link:

i. Find a transaction that you already printed a label for, and click the “Details” link in the Details column next to it,
ii. Page down to the blue link that says “Ship Another”, click it and when the label page loads
iii. go to the address bar in your browser and delete all the text after “ship-now” in the address (as described above) and
iiii. hit enter. That will give you a blank label form.

For more shipping tips see our main “Shipping” page–see the gold links on the right or click here:
Shipping Basics

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Google Base–Manual Upload for your Etsy Shop

Go To Great Panes, Kathryn Maloney ©2009

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This tutorial replaces the Let’s Ets method since this file doesn’t need to be edited before uploading (like the Let’s Ets file does) making process quicker and easier.

This assumes you’ve already set up your Google Base Data feed using the Etsy RSS method, which is preferable to using the manual upload. If you haven’t tried the Etsy RSS method yet, go there first and set it up instead of using the manual method.

The short version–for those that are practiced and just need a reminder:

A. Right click the Subscribe to shop feed link in your public Etsy shop.
Mac users: use CTRL-Click for the right-click function

B. Save the link content with the same name as your Google Base data feed.

C. Upload it to Google Base.

The long version–a full step by step tutorial:

Download Your Shop’s Info

1. Go to your Etsy shop’s public view, (the little yellow and white ‘storefront’ icon at the top right of every Etsy page).

On the right, at the bottom of your shop info you’ll see a blue link that says Subscribe to shop feed.

2. Right-click on the link and select “Save linked content as”, “Save link as”, “Save target as”–or whatever is similar in your browser’s pop-up menu. (Don’t left click–it won’t get you what you need.)
Mac users: use CTRL-Click for the right-click function

3. The “save” or “save as” window will pop up–at the top of the window it allows you to save it as a file to your computer.

A. In the top box use the drop down menu choose where on your computer you would like to save your feed file. Save the file in any folder you’d like, just be sure you know how to get to it on your computer after you have downloaded it. Some have chosen to save it to the desktop so they are sure to be able to find it. We save ours in our Etsy folder.

B. Name the file the same thing as your current feed, no matter what it currently says in the box. If you have the option in the second box of selecting xml as the file type, do so, otherwise ‘all files’ should be fine. Be sure the .xml is at the end of the file name, if not–type it in.
We have two Etsy shops, named GoTo and GoToSupplies so we have two feeds, our feeds are named:


C. Click save.

Upload Your Shop’s Info to Google Base

4. Go to the Google Base Data feeds page: http://www.google.com/base/bulkuploads

5. There you should see your currently scheduled feed, and under the Uploads column you should see Manual: upload file. Click the “upload file” link and a window will pop up.

6. Click the Choose button–it pops open a window that allows you to access your computer folders. Go to the folder that has the feed you saved and double click the file name. The file location will now be in the manual upload window, click the Upload and process this file button.

7. This should result in the file being uploaded to Google Base. The Last upload date & status column should now say “Processing”.

It can take a few minutes or up to 24 hours to process your file.

After the Upload
See these Google Base “Frequently Asked Question” posts for what to expect next & troubleshooting help:


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