GM: Things you should know about the new Etsy uploads

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Google Merchant: Things you should know about the new uploading Etsy will be doing for us:

  • Etsy will be uploading our items for us soon, as of December 1st individual sellers won’t be able to create feeds for their shops. (That’s Google’s rule, not Etsy’s.)
  • Be among the first: Those currently using the Etsy RSS method will have their shops added to Etsy’s upload first. Shops not currently using Etsy’s RSS to upload their goods will be added some time later–so if you’re not using it yet, set it up now–see the Etsy RSS tutorial linked to from our main Google Base/Merchant Center page (the gold links on the right will get you to the main Google Merchant Center page.
  • Check your items to be sure they are within Google Merchant’s guidelines now. We won’t be able to see error messages once Etsy is uploading for us. The same rules that applied before will still apply to item titles and item descriptions–like no “Free shipping”, no special characters (symbols), etc. See FAQ 3 for more details, linked to from our main Google Base/Merchant Center page, link on the right side of the blog page in gold.
  • Etsy will be adding product type values for us! Using the first three tags of each item, Etsy will create product types for the Google Merchant submission–make sure your first three tags are in a good order and be sure to keep anything that prevents items from being inserted out of the first three tags.

5 thoughts on “GM: Things you should know about the new Etsy uploads”

  1. Thank you for all of your very helpful work on this blog and in the forum!

    Do you know if our current listings will remain on Google Base in the interim period between Dec 1 and the time that our shop is included in the Etsy roll-out?

    For example, I’ve got 44 items successfully uploaded (via Etsy RSS) now. If my shop is not included in Etsy’s uploads until Dec 20, will the items I have up as of Dec 1 stay there in the interim? And do you think I should edit my Feeds to Monthly instead of Daily, so they don’t get deleted? Or does that just go away anyway.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m not sure–Google may just go through and delete all feeds to known marketplaces, but they haven’t said how they will be handling it. I would probably set the scheduler to go once a month now as you mentioned–that way it doesn’t try to fetch from a location no longer allowed as of December and hope that the items stay in under the radar until Etsy is adding them. 🙂

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