Last Chance to Review Your Old Etsy Google Merchant Stats

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Last chance to review your old Etsy GM stats!

As Etsy uploads our goods for us, Google will be retiring Etsy feeds from our individual Google Merchant accounts (post from sean11 here in the forums).

This is your last chance to see the stats for your current feeds–your Clicks and Imprs–to know what items got a lot of attention & what kind of attention in your current history. I copied and pasted mine into a spreadsheet so I can review them later. Words are how they find your listings; photos are why they click through to your Etsy shop.

Got a whole lot of Imprs but not a lot of Clicks?
You’ll always have more Imprs than Clicks, but improving your images will improve your Clicks.

Not getting many Imprs?
You might need to work on your titles and descriptions to get keywords folks are searching for in them.

What to do for the future stats:

See this blog post

Thanks to PeoplesBankBuilding for the tip!