Etsy's GM Syndication: Enable your items

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Are You Syndicated? If so:

If your shop is syndicated by Etsy for upload to Google Merchant (see here for how to check), then you need to get your already-in-shop items put into the feed.

While many were struggling through editing 100 or more items one at a time to trigger the items inclusion in Google Merchant’s database, OhFaro put on her thinking cap and came up with a brilliant short cut, and sean11 (an admin) confirmed that it will work:

You only have to do this once, and only after you are syndicated to get your existing stock into the feed unless you put your shop in vacation mode, in which case you’ll have to do it again when you come out of vacation mode.
All newly added, relisted/renewed & edited listings will be sent to Google Merchant automatically once you are syndicated.
  1. In Your Etsy at the bottom of the list of items there’s a box next to Select All, check it.
  2. Right below that is a button that says Deactivate, click it.
  3. On the left side of the page, under Items click Inactive listings.
  4. At the bottom of the list of items there’s a box next to Select All, check it.
    Please note: If you have items in inactive that you want to keep in inactive, you’ll need to uncheck those boxes before activating your items, and make sure all items that are supposed to be activated are since some may be bumped to the inactive section’s page 2.
  5. Right below that is a button that says Activate, click it.

So that whole page of items is ready for upload to Google Merchant Center now. Repeat that for every page of items you have listed on Etsy, and they’ll all be added to GM in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Future listings, renewals and edits will be automatically added by Etsy. This is just for your initial syndication upload.

Please note: I have found that some items didn’t respond to whole shop enabling so I went and edited them individually and that seemed to get them in.

29 thoughts on “Etsy's GM Syndication: Enable your items”

  1. Should we be doing this if we are still waiting to be syndicated? I’ll do it now if it means I will be syndicated faster!
    Thank you for all your help yet again!

    1. Sorry-it won’t help anything until your syndication is active, and then it only triggers those items to be added to Etsy’s feed.

  2. Thank you once again, GoTo. First you assisted me in getting into GoogleMerchant, now you have tips once again to help out. You are appreciated.

    OhFaro, appreciate your input to making things easier.

  3. If my items show up in the google base search do I still have to do this? Or does this mean I am all set. I do have the syndication button.
    Thank you

    1. You have to do it to trigger Etsy’s feed to upload your goods. The GM feed you created will be deleted soon.

      You can tell Etsy uploaded items from your own GM feed uploaded items in Google Shopping by the seller info. Etsy uploaded items will say they are being sold by “Etsy – USERNAME”.

  4. I’m syndicated and some of my items are showing up in GM, but some are outdated (removed from my store) and my entire inventory is not there. Can I do anything? Thank you for the help!

    1. The only thing you can do is post in the forums if you are having problems with your feed, or contact admin to see if they can help/let them know bout the issue.

  5. I do not find the Syndication option in my shop, when I went to the page (from Etsy help pages) where you are supposed to check the box to get syndicated, it won’t let me check the box. Is the syndication option not yet available to all Etsy sellers, or is there something I’m missing? Thanks very much for the help! 😀

    1. It’s not available to all sellers yet. When syndication is available for your shop that box will be set to checked by default, so there’s nothing you need to do except wait for your shop to be syndicated.

  6. Hi Kathy~ I have heard that once you deactivate and activate,the custom arrangement of the shop is disturbed. Is this true? And is there a way to keep it the same? Does how you deactivate and activate the pages matter? Thank you so much for all of your help!

    1. FiniRibbon–I’m not sure if it alters the custom arrangement, sorry. You should use the inactivate feature on the main Your Etsy page, then go to the inactive page and re-activate them.

      Don’t use the vacation mode, as using the vacation mode actually pulls your items from the feed and you’ll need to edit them page by page or one by one in order to put them back in the feed.

  7. Is there an automatic refresh on items posted to google. For instance, some sites allow a person to say “post my items once a week”. This is supposed to keep items from “aging” in the Google search. Does Etsy refresh posted items every so often to stop them from aging?

    1. Sorry, I don’t know, but unless the other site is changing the content somehow I don’t know that it would actually help with the regualr Google search–resubmitting isn’t the same as having fresh content. For Google Shopping searches I have found that older feeds seem to get better search ranking than newer ones.

  8. Thanks for all your help. I checked about 3 weeks ago and my syndication was pending and it still is today. Is it possible that it would take this long? I’d love to have my products in the Google Products Search, but don’t see them there. Thanks

    1. You only have to do it after you are syndicated, and then only do it once. After that your listings will be automatically added as you list/relist/renew.

  9. Thank you for your help. My etsy shop says my syndication is active but there are no active items when I checked my google merchants account. I did pput in it vacation mode but I deactivated then reactivated everything about a week ago and still nothing. I’m at a loss. Do you have any ideas? Thanks:)

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