New: Sales Tax & Business Registration Page

Well I’ve been meaning to do this for the past few years and now that Etsy is trying to add a sales tax feature to the site there’s been an even greater need for info on sales tax & business registration requirements.

I’ve got a hundred or so links bookmarked for sales tax issues in many states that have come up in the Etsy forums and I’m putting them up on the blog’s new:

Sales Tax and Business Registration Page

So far I’ve got info for only 10 states up, but I’ll be adding to the page as much as possible. If your state isn’t there yet and you’d like to see some links for it, please leave a comment on this post with your state and I’ll put your state at the top of the list for states to be added.

I’ve got direct links to answers many of the frequently asked questions from the forums–links that take you to official government pages because I believe you should only get your answers from the authorities.

Any other place you get answers–be it forums or unofficial websites–may or may not have accurate answers, and that’s just not good enough if you want to be obeying the law.

This post from 2008 should still prove very useful in your quest for information–it lets you know what questions are asked repeatedly by sellers, so finding out your state’s answers to these questions should help you understand issues you may not have faced yet, so you’ll be prepared to handle them when they arise:

Sales Tax Questions
You Need to Know the Answers To

Here’s to everyone getting legal!


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  1. Thanks for this info. Was hoping to see WI where I’m moving to but alas. 🙂 Will be doing some very in-depth research. Monique xx

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