Can I ship jewelry through International First Class Mail?

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One of the most common shipping questions is whether or not jewelry can be shipped via International First Class Mail.

So long as the destination country allows jewelry to be imported, you can send it International First Class Mail if it is of “nominal value”. The US Postal Service website doesn’t define nominal value exactly–here’s what they do say…

The dollar-limit you can send via
International First Class Mail is $400.00:
International Mail Manual (IMM)
2 Conditions for Mailing
240 First-Class Mail International
242 Eligibility

d. The maximum value for dutiable merchandise is $400. Items exceeding $400 must be mailed using Global Express Guaranteed service, Express Mail International service, or Priority Mail International service (but not with the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope or Small Flat Rate Box).


and “valuable articles” must be sent International Priority Mail or faster services–this doesn’t include inexpensive jewelry or costume jewelry:
International Mail Manual
1 International Mail Services
130 Mailability
134 Valuable Articles

134.2 List of Articles

d. Manufactured and unmanufactured platinum, gold, and silver.

e. Precious stones, jewels, jewelry, watches, and other valuable articles.
Note: The term ‘jewelry’ is generally understood to denote articles of more than nominal value. Inexpensive jewelry, watches, such as tie clasps and costume jewelry, containing little or no precious metal, is not considered to be jewelry within the meaning of this section and is accepted under the same conditions as other mailable merchandise to any country. Inexpensive jewelry is accepted to countries that prohibit jewelry, but only at the sender’s risk.


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