New Email List for Our Blog Followers

While we have a few mailing lists for our website, it never occurred to me that folks would use them to follow a blog. Someone recently commented saying they’d like to subscribe by email, so I asked around and it seems they weren’t the only ones so I’ve added an email list for this blog.

You can click the link above or on the left to go to a page with all our public mailing lists, or use the subscription box I’m including in this post.

You’ll recieve notices when I make new posts that include the post title, a link to the post and maybe a little text to describe what the post is about if it’s not self-evident. You will be able to unsubscribe yourself at any time with a link at the bottom of every message or by coming back here and using the online form.

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Go To Great Panes Privacy Policy: We do not sell, rent or otherwise share any of our customer or subscriber information with any outside parties. When you pay online we don’t recieve any information about your credit or debit card numbers.

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