Etsy Update

If you haven’t been in the Etsy forums in a few days you might have missed some news from admin:

Pay online through Etsy (without using Paypal)

Coming soon for all USA sellers (and it seems eventually all sellers), currently rolled out to a small portion of USA sellers.

Some think it’s a great idea, some a terrible idea and some are cautiously optimistic. Read more about what folks think here: Announcing Direct Checkout

Worried that you won’t be able to use Paypal labels for non-paypal transactions? See here for how to use Paypal to print labels outside of a Paypal transaction:

Shipping Through Paypal–Regardless of How the Customer Paid

An Update on Marketplace Integrity

About resellers & following the rules–more staff, more enforcement. Forum thread here.

Message from the CEO

and an update from Chad.

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