Saving Your Etsy Shop Data

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Over the years I have learned that many Etsy sellers write their listings directly on the site rather than on their own computer, saving it, then transferring the info over to Etsy. (I’m sure this happens on many online venues.)

I understand how easy that is, but you should always keep a back up of your own business data, whether it is for taxes or just for your own records.

If anything ever happens to the original source of info, having a back up can be a real life saver for your business so if you don’t have a copy of all your Etsy items currently listed for sale and a your history of sold orders on Etsy saved to your computer, I encourage you to take a few minutes today and download that data.

Here are links to Etsy’s instructions for downloading your shop’s information:

Download your current listing information

Download your sold transactions

And then follow up by either saving listings to your own computer each time you create one or regularly downloading the data as described in the links above.

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