Etsy labels? Heads Up!

This is a good news / bad news post–be sure to read to the end.

Good news:

US sellers who aren’t using Direct Checkout can now use Etsy labels! I’m very excited to give these a try for our First Class International packages.

As fun as the stamps are using our current method for printing First Class International labels and getting the customs form submitted online (for free), I’ll also be pleased to have a smoother process for mailing our international Etsy orders.

Bad news:

If you’ve been using Etsy’s labels and haven’t been paying attention, you might be in for an unfortunate surprise.

When you print the label, sometimes it is not printing the label you see on the screen–sometimes it prints the previous label again… for some sellers these packages are already in the mail.

It’s been happening for at least a week now. One admin suggested the conflict is with FireFox, another post said FireFox and Windows 7. How ever it goes–be sure to check your label before mailing your package!

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Here’s hoping your packages all get to their intended destination without coming back to you first!