Say Hello To Emma!

It’s been a long time since I posted–I’ve been super busy with our new puppy Emma and a broken foot, not a winning combination!

Emma Shares

You can see more pics of our fabulous ball of fur here:

She’s about five and half months now and 35-ish pounds of non-stop energy and too much smarts for her own good.

We’re not sure of her breed–she’s a German Shepherd mix based on her markings and the rescue group we got her from suggested she was part Bull Mastiff back when we got her (at a wee 12 lbs), but I’m now thinking maybe not Bull Mastiff, maybe something more like a Bull Terrier mix because she’s so “small”.

Small: I realize that’s a relative term here–she’s half the size the German Shepherd & the Golden Retriever that were the same age in her training class, so unless she does some crazy fast growing suddenly, I don’t think she’ll be nearly as large as either when she finishes growing but she’ll still likely be over 50 lbs in the long run.

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