Etsy Feedback Now Called Reviews& Other Feedback Changes

Etsy’s got a new feedback system and it includes a name change–Feedback is now “Reviews”. Forgive me if I still call it feedback for a while….

The Good News

Delay before buyers can leave feedback.
Buyers must wait until there is the possibility that the item should have arrived before they can leave feedback. (Etsy’s using the processing times feature in the listing & pre-set time frames for shipping–see below–to determine when a buyer can begin to leave feedback.) So no more negs when only 2 hours or 2 days have passed since the purchase.

No more “Kiss & Make Up”
Finally did away with the unprofessional name for the feedback-change feature. Now we have 60 days to edit our feedback (from the day we’re allowed to leave it) if we choose.

Year-Old-Plus Feedback Won’t Count
Feedback that’s older than a year will still be there to read, but those few mistakes you made when starting up won’t haunt you for the rest of your Etsy-life. Once feedback is a year old, it won’t effect your star ranking percentage. Personally I think two years would have been a better way to go, but I think it’s still a plus.

No Blank Ratings
Blank neutrals or negatives driving you nuts? If someone experienced something less than positive, hopefully they’ll comment on what it was so other buyers will be helped by the feedback. It’ll help the sellers too–how do we know what needs improving if you don’t tell us? (Of course we’d prefer you send us a private message about any issues first, if possible.)

The Bad News

No chance to respond to bad feedback
Sellers have been asking to have a way to publicaly respond to bad feedback for as long as I can remember, but it’s not part of the overhaul. And even worse…:

Just like Ebay…
Sellers can no longer rate buyers. It’s rare, but sometimes a seller needs to warn others about a bad buyer, for example those who attempt to get goods for free by threatening negative feedback. Now, a seller can’t even lower a buyer’s feedback rating by showing they got a neg when they are trying to harm the seller. It’s a sad day.

“Real Names”
Instead of using Etsy IDs to go along with the feedback a buyer has left, they will be using the “profile name”–whatever you put in the public profile on your account, which can only be changed through admin approval and admin action.

For many newer users that means their real name given during registration will be searchable to associate it with items purchased. Sorry gift givers & “private” item buyers! Here’s hoping your spouse or future employer doesn’t find you in that web search for your name. (What happened to that privacy protection concept that had them remove the visibility of buyer feedback in the first place? At least using just the Etsy ID there’d be some personal info buffer.)

Left feedback already? No case for you!
Once a buyer has left feedback, they can’t open a case against a seller. Sure, as a seller that sounds great, but as a buyer not so much. If someone runs into a bad seller it will be a shame if they leave feedback only to find that Etsy won’t have their back within the system Etsy set up to handle transaction issues. So if you didn’t get your item after two months and the seller has been non-responsive, don’t leave feedback yet. Open your case first…

Delay before buyers can leave feedback.
That was under good news, wasn’t it? Yes, but it might also be tricky–if a buyer recieves their goods two days before Etsy decides they are allowed to leave feedback and they try to leave feedback, they might be a little frustrated. It also means they will have to remember to come back within the next 62 days to leave the feedback. Etsy does plan to send feedback reminder emails that should help, but they don’t say when that will be starting up (didn’t sound like any time soon).

No more “Kiss & Make Up”
That was under good news too, wasn’t it? Yes, but what I haven’t seen mentioned in the forums or help page is what happens when an edit goes bad… Like when a seller tries to come to a compromise with a buyer who then edits their feedback to to make it worse simply because of the request to resolve the issue creates a negative reaction.

Or how about the concept that now buyers have an extra 60 days to change their feedback if they first put feedback in on one of the last few days of the normal feedback window, giving them 4 months to hold that feedback over your head while you don’t have the ability to leave feedback for them at all?

Sellers Lose Feedback Numbers
Feedback received as a buyer is not a part of the equation (since there’s no new feedback for buyers that is to be expected), but the ratings, being based only on the last year, will show a smaller number of overall feedback received. Sort of disappointing when you’ve earned the appreciation of hundreds or thousands of buyers over many years. Sorry Etsy Old Timers! (Been on Etsy since 2008? Join us: Old Time Etsy Team

Some More Details

How do I leave feedback on Etsy now?
Go to Your Account at the top of the page, then to Purchases.

Buyers will see a list of their purchases and have the opportunity to leave feedback on items that are past Etsy’s estimated delivery time and haven’t yet received feedback.

Sellers longer can leave feedback on a transaction.

Rating system is now based on 5 stars.

Parts of Stars
There will be half stars and ratings will be rounded up to meet the next half star.

Order Processing Time
Etsy will consider seller processing time to be 5 days to get a package into the mail service’s hands, unless the a seller uses Etsy’s processing times feature to specify a longer or shorter time frame or marks an item shipped sooner than 5 days.

Shipping Time
How long Etsy allots for the postal service to deliver your goods:
Within your country = 5 days
International packages = 15 days

Going Forward
The changes will only effect feedback going forward, not on past feedback so no buyer names will be connected to feedback already left.

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Here’s hoping it goes better than many expect!