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It’s been tough trying to keep all the Google Base/Google Merchant links visible in forum threads, so I’ve set up this page where I can link to all my Google set up & troubleshooting information and add to it as more posts are made.

For periodic Google Base (GB) issues and info updates see the Google Base/Checkout link under “Sort Posts by Topic” on the right, or sign up for updates using our RSS buttons on the left.

Update: As of December 2009, Google is requiring marketplaces like Etsy to upload the goods for the sellers. You cannot upload your Etsy items yourself.

FAQs for the New Etsy Google Merchant Product Search Feed:
Frequently asked questions about the new Google Merchant syndication from Etsy.

What is Google Base?
If you don’t know what this is all about, this post is a good place to start:

Google Retired Etsy RSS Feeds :
The feeds that were submitted by individual sellers. (See here for the announcement that this was in the works: Changes Coming for Google Base.) Now we need to rely on the syndicated feed that Etsy uploads for us–see next link for more info.

Google Base: Items on Multiple Websites/Domains

Need a jump start for getting your website feed going? See here: Google Merchant Feed for Your Website

Need help or have questions?

Current Issues with Google:
When I learn about new problems with feeds I make a new post about it–see the most recent posts about Google (Base) Merchant Center here. You can also get to that page from anywhere on the blog by using the gray links below the gold page links on the right.

More help:

If you don’t see your answers in the FAQs (linked above), join us in the Etsy forums Google Base/Merchant/Syndication Help thread:

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