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Ordering USPS Shipping Supplies Online (and small delay for supplies coming up–order now!)

Did you know that you can order shipping supplies straight from USPS.com to be delivered to your door for free?

Lots of post offices don’t carry the full variety of Priority & Express Mail boxes (none carry the “regional rate boxes” as those must be paid for online or there are additional fees on the quoted postage rates) but that doesn’t mean you should have just the right box on hand!

I go through a lot of the small Priority Mail envelopes myself and could easily wipe out my post office’s regular stash, and nothing beats the regional box rates for some of my small but very heavy items. I order the Priority Mail envelopes and boxes online for free and have them delivered to my home so I don’t even have lug them in from the car. (There are also items for sale in the USPS shop–use the menu on the left to refine your selection of goods.)


If you are ordering supplies online, you might also need to know that there will be a small delay for supplies coming up soon so put in your order now!

From USPS:

“…orders placed Tuesday, July 21 (2015) through Sunday, July 26 will require an additional 3-5 business days for delivery.”

Hope that keeps you from running out of shipping supplies!